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Why Some Men’s Testicles Retract and disappear during Sex

This neat little trick involves your testicles disappearing during sexual intercourse. Okay, it’s not exactly a trick, but it does cause a lot of concern for men to see their balls disappear while they are having sexual intercourse.

It is very common to have your testicles retract upward into your groin area under certain circumstances. The cremaster muscle is responsible for raising your testicles upwards, and sometimes into the inguinal canal.

It normally does this to regulate the temperature of the testis. In cold environments, it draws them closer to the body to prevent heat loss, while in warm conditions, it lowers them to keep them cool.

However, in conditions where you are anxious or nervous, the testicles may retract to protect them from a fight for instance. This happens due to stress hormones being produced. [ref]

You may find that just one or both testicles are retracted at a time. During sexual intercourse the testicles will withdraw upwards prior to ejaculation.

Another reason for the testicles to withdraw is to protect them from physical activities like sports. As long as your testicles return to their normal position, there is nothing to worry about.

Premature Ejaculation Embarrassment

If you have your testicles withdraw and return to normal position later then you have nothing to worry about. In some men the retraction may be more noticeable than in others.

If however you are experiencing pain when they retract, or if you find one or both testicles remains inside and does not return to their normal positions, you should consult a doctor. A testicle that remains retracted may cause a higher risk of developing testicular cancer.

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